Seller Info

From selecting the right real estate partners to understanding market values and financing options – selling a home is a monumental event. At, I’d be happy to discuss these points with you on a personal and in-depth basis!

The following tips offer helpful advice as you prepare to make many important decisions surrounding the sale of your home.

First impressions are everything!
Cut your lawn, trim the hedges and shrubs and remove all traces of outside clutter. In the fall, rake the leaves.

Invest some time and elbow grease!
Clean up your home as if you were the buyer. If the living room of dining room could use a paint job, paint it. A few dollars spent on a gallon of paint can bring great dollar rewards and spruce up the appearance of your home.

Check for water leaks!
Check your faucets, toilet, laundry room for running water leaks. Discoloured sinks indicate plumbing problems. Eliminate the problem.

Check the light bulbs!
Some showings may be in the evenings. No lights in a room will be immediately visible.

Check all the doors!
Check to make sure all the room and closet doors open and close with ease. A prospective purchaser will play with your doors. Make sure they close smoothly.

Get rid of the junk!
If you have things lying around that create clutter to your home, things you really don’t use or need, throw them out.

Make use of all storage space!
Buyers are always looking for storage space. They too have “junk” they refuse to part with. Clean up the basement and/or the attic so they can envision space for their “junk”.

Clean and organize your closets!
Show that they are spacious and suitable for the buyers’ needs.

Shine up your bathrooms!
The two most important rooms that sell homes are kitchens and bathrooms. Don’t spare the elbow grease when cleaning your bathroom. Make sure it sparkles.

Create a bedroom of dreams!
Make your bedroom cozy and comfy where prospective buyers can visualize themselves in blissful slumber. Paint, duvets and blinds can do a lot!

Let the sun shine in!
Open the curtains and blinds and let the prospects see how bright and cheery your home is during daylight time.

Lights on after dark!
Light up your home if showings occur after dark. Bright lights show prospective buyers the highlights of each room and give them a welcome feeling.

Keep a low profile!
When buyers come through your home, stay in the living or family room so they don’t feel overwhelmed with people, causing the buyers to rush through your home. Ideally, go for a 20 minute walk while your home is being shown. Buyers will never discuss their concerns knowing you are in the house. Nobody knows your home as well as you do, but your agent knows what the buyer is looking for and what they want. Your agent will have an easier time relaying the virtues of your home if you stay in the background.

Not everyone likes pets!
Keep the dog or cat out of the way when showing your home. Some people don’t care for animals and although you love them dearly, just the sight of an pet can turn off a potential buyer. Allergies can also be another detriment. Try, try, try to keep up on the cleaning!

Keep the TV and Stereo turned to “Off”!
While a showing is in progress, always remember that the buyer is comparing your home to the homes he has already previewed. If music is blasting in the background, it could be a turn-off to his decision.

Don’t distract the buyer!
The Agent is there to sell your home. Don’t point out the positives and negatives. This will distract the buyers and can make or break a sale. Your agent is there to best serve your needs.

Your home is not a “Garage Sale”
When a prospective buyer comes to view your home, don’t distract them with offers to sell your appliances, furnishings or pets or those things you no longer have any use for. They may be instantly “turned off”.

Let the Professionals help!
When prospective buyers want to discuss price, terms or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert, your RE/MAX Real Estate Agent, Brooke Miller.

Support your Agent!
Your Realtor will have an easier time showing and selling your home if showings are can be scheduled with some flexibility. You will appreciate the results and be a “very satisfied customer”.